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10 things that successful people do: Something for the rest of us
June 7, 2020 at 3:00 AM
by Randy Klein
Do Something Great

What defines a successful person and what makes for a successful life? I think it’s the motivation, the ability to overcome adversity, and the ability to influence and have an impact on those around us.

I’ve been successful. That doesn’t make me rich. It means that I have been able to develop skill sets that have helped me to get past the adversity that life has thrown at me.

These are ten of my top tips. If you don’t like them, create your own list. 🙂

Different things will work for different people in helping them move forward. Feel free to share. If you really enjoy them, let me know, and I will do another 10 tips.

1. Visit the past, but don’t live in it. there are so many things that we still have to do, so live today, and tomorrow you will get a chance to do it again. A lifetime of new possibilities.

2. Use your anxiety to motivate you to move forward instead of letting it hold you back. Anxiety has helped a lot of people to stay on task, to make things better, and to ultimately succeed. Keep it in your arsenal, but get help if it is crippling you. We all get anxiety at some point: everybody.

3. Think about the impact that your words have on those around you. What do my words tell people about me, and how do people react to my words? Be kind first. Kindness isn’t weakness: sometimes it is the strongest thing that we can do. Kind people are remembered fondly.

4. Be an encourager, and practice encouraging people. People who encourage others often have the strongest opponents and supporters. It really helps to sort out the two. Regularly practicing honest encouragement helps to spot the difference, and this makes us feel better about ourselves as well.

5. Be authentic. Be who you are, and if you realize you are a difficult person, then make an authentic attempt to be a better person, or embrace it. Don’t be someone else.

6. Motivate and mentor other people. I’ve never really been able to mentor more than a couple of people at a time. We often receive more in the act of giving than the person that we are working with.

7. Be a part of a community and invest In that community. It doesn’t have to just be money. Building a community with other people is an investment in your future and others. Many hands make difficult tasks easier.

8. Look for patterns, but remember that not all sequences of events, no matter how similar, are related to each other. Anyone can become successful if they recognize patterns and interpret them correctly.

9. Learn to take risks, but also consider possible consequences, and then take risks. The concept of a calculated risk is a wise idea. We shouldn’t take risks without any research. Most successful people did not have things handed to them.

10. Learn to be comfortable with your own thoughts, as odd as they may seem, or else see a specialist. Put in perspective, our thoughts can mean something totally different, and you can still be a good person with strange thoughts. Sometimes you may need to seek help too. 🙂

I hope that these tips help. Feel free to share them with family, friends, and in groups.

Be well.